From the gently sloped shoulders of the Burgundy to the broad, defined Bordeaux...

Large-Format Bottles

Premier Glass features two proprietary-mold large-format bottles:

  • Premier Special 3.0L TT Bordeaux
  • Premier Special 6.0L TT Bordeaux

We also offer standard European mold large-format bottles:

  • Bordelaise style from 3.0L up to 18.0L
  • Burgundy style from 3.0L up to 9.0L

Matched to each bottle type are 100% natural corks, oversize black tin capsules, and single-bottle foam shippers with cardboard shell.

Foam Shippers

Hand-made, bottle-specific foam pads gently yet firmly cradle your bottle. 3.0L up to 18.0L. Logo embossing available, for a fully branded customer experience.